About Us

This website, like the Hopkins Quarterly journal, is authorized and sponsored by the International Hopkins Association (Dr. James Finn Cotter, President). Site management is maintained by the The Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities at Loyola University Chicago.  CTSDH Interim Director Dr. Elizabeth Hopwood serves as project manager between the Center, the website, and the site content manager, Ericka Christie. The site was initially designed by Luke Strosnider, MFA. Funding for this project, which is deeply appreciated, has come from various sources within Loyola University Chicago: the College of Arts and Sciences, the Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage, and the Jesuit Community.

Overall responsibility for the website project belongs to Dr. Frank Fennell (ffennel@luc.edu), Professor Emeritus at Loyola University Chicago. He welcomes suggestions for improving this website and making it more useful. He has been aided immeasurably by the International Hopkins Association Website Advisory Committee:

Noel Barber, S.J.
Professor, Gonzaga College, Dublin, Ireland; author of numerous articles on Hopkins in Hopkins Quarterly and elsewhere.

Brett Beasley, Ph.D.
Completed a dissertation on Hopkins at Loyola University Chicago, with articles published in Hopkins Quarterly, Renascence, JMMLA, and elsewhere.

Melinda Creech, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in English from Baylor University, Manuscript Specialist at the Armstrong Browning Library, has published in Oxford Notes and Queries.

Elizabeth Howard
ABD University of Minnesota, completing a dissertation “On the Poetics of Thrift and Reuse” in the poetry of the long nineteenth century. She has published articles on Hopkins in Victorian Poetry and Religion and the Arts.

Lianne Ratzersdorfer
M.A. in English, Hebrew University, exploring research opportunities in Hopkins, fairy-tale intertextuality, and other interests.