Felix Randal

  • Felix Randal

  • Felix Randal the farrier, O is he dead then? my duty all ended,
  • Who have watched his mould of man, big-boned and hardy-handsome
  • Pining, pining, till time when reason rambled in it, and some
  • Fatal four disorders, fleshed there, all contended?
  • Sickness broke him. Impatient he cursed at first, but mended
  • Being anointed and all; though a heavenlier heart began some
  • Months earlier, since I had our sweet reprieve and ransom
  • Tendered to him. Ah well, God rest him all road ever he offended!
  • This seeing the sick endears them to us, us too it endears.
  • My tongue had taught thee comfort, touch had quenched thy tears,
  • Thy tears that touched my heart, child, Felix, poor Felix Randal;
  • How far from then forethought of, all thy more boisterous years,
  • When thou at the random grim forge, powerful amidst peers,
  • Didst fettle for the great grey drayhorse his bright and battering sandal!