In Honour of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez

  • In honour of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez

  • Laybrother of the Society of Jesus

  • Honour is flashed off exploit, so we say;
  • And those strokes once that gashed flesh or galled shield
  • Should tongue that time now, trumpet now that field,
  • And, on the fighter, forge his glorious day.
  • On Christ they do and on the martyr may;
  • But be the war within, the brand we wield
  • Unseen, the heroic breast not outward-steeled,
  • Earth hears no hurtle then from fiercest fray.
  • Yet God (that hews mountain and continent,
  • Earth, all, out; who, with trickling increment,
  • Veins violets and tall trees makes more and more)
  • Could crowd career with conquest while there went
  • Those years and years by of world without event
  • That in Majorca Alfonso watched the door.